A night alone – and still no sleep

Still no sleep?

With schizotypy you need to sleep. And copious amounts. So while the family headed to the countryside yesterday,  I stayed in the city to fix some things in the apartment. And to sleep. I’ve had both kids alone during the night the previous two nights and I was really looking forward to sleeping. And to sleeping in – perhaps even to ten! But of course my body is wired to Little Children Time. The parallel universe where this time zone prevails has no mercy. And I woke up twice during the night and at six this morning. Wide awake. With no chance of sleep. There is probably some  natural law that dictates that when you want to sleep badly enough, it’s not possible.

Supplements and Teeth

I’ve tried taking magnesium supplements before sleeping, sometimes that helps my sleep quality. But mostly it’s little F’s teeth that are killing us. He’s (ONLY) halfway through. Just great. But I suppose once he’s got 20, he’ll settle down and sleep. As will the rest of the family. And we all know that sleep does things to the schizotypy box.

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