Stress and schizotypy

So it happened again. I wasn’t carefull and just let my autopilot figure out things for me. Bad idea.

My meds weren’t working so I thought about what my psychiatrist told me last time. When I don’t think I had been listening properly, because if I had, I would have heard her tell me that I was experiencing stress symptoms. Stress leads to a heightening of all other symptoms which is a bad cocktail. And I just thought – is it really that bad? I can handle it.

But I couldn’t and we’ve had to restructure our way out of it so that I can have some space and time to relax and gear down. Which is sooo difficult. It’s strange that it’s almost my kids that are more stressfull to me than work. Though work play a really big role as well, chasing the kids is quite literally driving me nuts. Granted that I have a toddler as well makes chasing the kids a full time job. And now doubt that I feel really guilty about this. I should be the mom filled with extra time and energy and abundance of love.

But now I’m pulling out all the artilleries and step by step moving back into a healthy sphere In a weeks time, I’ll be starting a yoga/meditation boot camp and trying for a healthier diet and more water. Breaking my unhealthy stress habits is going to be hard though, like any habit. You can follow my progression here on the blog, with updates at least once a week.

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