Hypnosis review – five day update

I’ve been doing the hypnosis in the hypnosis app Hello Mind for five sessions out of the ten that are in a treatment package. As mentioned in an earlier blog post,¬†Hypnosis and schizotypy, I have high hopes to kickstart my weight loss with the app.

I had started to loose the baby fat since the birth of my youngest son, but then all of a sudden I gained 10 kg without noticing as I was waltzing around in great loose dresses. Great. So instead of having to loose 10kg. I now need to loose 20. Seems like a goal that’s just impossible. And being on meds is, as we all know, bad for a stable BMI. Double trouble.

So this app promises to do everything, tap into my subconscious mind and control that insatiable urge I have to open the fridge every ten minutes. Because, that is my problem. Constantly opening the fridge because I just love food. Think I remember that my doctor said that meds make food cravings worse, again – this really sucks.

So back to the app. The verdict so far is that I am reaching for the fridge less often as I’m not constantly thinking about food at the moment. And as a quite brilliant side effect, it seems to work like a meditation session for me as well. Now, I’m really bad at following anything through, but this seems so effortlessly easy that I might just make it. Stay tuned for the final verdict on the app…

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