Out of body experience

I suppose most people have body that they feel is part of them. Part of who they are. Sometimes I do too. But not now, and it’s the strangest sensation.

It’s like my body is there but not important.  It’s just a necessity to make sure that my mind can move around and experience things. Recognizing myself in the mirror during periods where this is especially pronounced, can be a bit difficult. If I was an eighties film, I’d be a sci fi flick called ‘floating heads’ or something like that.

So I’m going to try some different ways to get back ‘into’ my body beside medication. First one will be meditation. 10 minutes before I sleep every night with my headphones on. It’s my second week back on medication, so hopefully this will complement. I’m going to try Headspace again, see if I can get into a good routine and keep it. It’s always those 5 weeks before you break a habit that you have to get past.

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