Read and read…and then read some more

I’ve done it since I was tiny, and I’ve done it in crazy amounts. Reading is one of my all time favorite things to do, it really does something to keep all those thoughts and ideas (ruminations) at bay and let’s me focus on a different world.

Funny how this different world if often a bit skewed and plays with norms and notions of reality. My favorite at the moment is still Murakami. His books are crazy. Guess that appeals to the crazy in me.

I love the feel, the smell and the look of old fashioned and analogue books. Nothing like going to your local independent bookpusher and finding treasures trapped inside the covers.  I travel quite often though and I was tired of lugging around so much weight as I always had good intentions of reading as much as I really would like. So I capitulated and joined the digital fans. Seeing as I love gadgets, it has taking me a surprisingly long time to join the ebook reading hoards. But now I’m sold. Carry my Kindle everywhere. It’s my escape from my thoughts and ruminations. Sometimes just a break to dive into, if all the sensations become too much for my filterless self.

Reading has become part therapeutic for me, and is along with art a big part of my life. I’ll be sharing some favorite reads here in the future.

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