Alcohol and medication

So I like a glass of wine once in a while. Actually, I’m always the last person to leave a party. So I really like a glass of wine once in a while. But how does that affect you when you are on medication? Doctors and leaflets all proclaim that you will be more sensitive to alcohol if you are one medication. Need less to feel the effect. My verdict? Mostly true. I feel it faster and I get more serious headaches.

So my advice is pretty simple. Drink slowly and make sure that you keep an eye on how you are feeling. All medication and all people are different. And drink responsibly. Especially now that you are on already on the crazy boat. Which is an ok place to be.

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Week 2 back on medication – body conscious

Another weekend is just ending and my second week back on meds is just beginning. ┬áSo far so good. No side effects that are terrible – the hangovers have gone away and I’m actually enjoying the buzz a bit every night after I take my little pill. Guilty, I know it’s drugs and you probably shouldn’t enjoy it. Let’s call it a positive side effect.

I’m still having difficulty feeling my body though, just like many with schizotypal personality disorder. This was one of the reasons why I chose to go back on medication, this crazy unattachment to my body. One thing that is changing with my body, is my libido. It seems that the indifference or even repulsion that I’ve had over sex is going away. Slowly. And I’m not jumping to any conclusions, but that seems pretty good! Being in your body this way, is one of the most primal and natural situations and being able to relax in it feels pretty good. Also in my head. And also for my relationship. No surprise there, this has been a big struggle for us as it is often difficult for partners to understand the situation fully.


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